Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning – Internet addiction can take many forms. Whether you’re wasting precious hours on video streaming sites, social media platforms or online gambling, there’s a fine line between addiction and responsible use.

The decision to change will lead you in the right direction. But the realities of our online behavior today – surfing the ubiquitous internet just a few clicks away from our devices – challenge even the most determined users.

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

In our experience, it’s helpful to use tools and resources to change your environment. These mods will help you in times when your willpower is running low.

How To Stop Gambling Online

Extreme gamblers tend to blame themselves when they just can’t stop. They tell themselves that they are not disciplined enough and that everything will work out only if they are like their non-gambling friends.

The real culprit: the impact of online gambling on brain chemistry. Every small win triggers a burst of dopamine, the natural reward chemical. Gambling addiction is not unique in this regard. You’ll experience similar dopamine spikes when you level up in this online game or get a “like” on a Facebook post.

We also need to consider how easy it is to gamble online. Instead of driving to the casino, our machines allow us to bring the casinos to us. You manage virtual chips or balances instead of watching a pile of chips shrink and grow in front of you. Online gambling also allows us to play multiple games at the same time. Professional Texas Hold’em players often use multiple monitors and play dozens of hands simultaneously.

The ease of access, the game’s accelerated pace, and the dopamine rush make it totally understandable why this could become a struggle.

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Neuroscience research has even linked non-drug related behavioral addictions (including gambling) to changes in the brain – and all the associated cravings, poor control, and withdrawal – with those in people who use drugs.

It is not a matter of willpower or lack of effort. Some dopamine reward circuits are so deeply ingrained that you may end up on gambling sites before you realize what’s going on. Desire, behavior and reaction arise unconsciously.

Put more barriers between you and the addictive behavior. The current pattern is probably to sit in front of your computer or take out your phone and go to a gambling site after a few seconds. Let’s break this cycle!

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

The app can help you with that. It is an application that allows you to block dangerous websites for the time you choose. Instead of using willpower to hold back every time you feel the urge to gamble, which is unsustainable and stressful, make the decision once and plan your bans ahead of time.

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

This not only prevents you from visiting dangerous websites. It also increases your awareness of how often you try to do it. Works on Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Apply your settings once, then get protection across multiple platforms and devices.

One of the most useful features for online gambling sufferers is the frequent banning sessions and lockdown mode. Let’s discuss them in turn:

A recurring block session is simply a way to schedule when you are unable to access certain websites. Think of it like adding an event to your calendar app; You set it once and it repeats as you wish. You can adjust the duration of your blocking session, be it just during the hours you are most likely to gamble or even all the time.

If you’re using Mac or Windows, launch the app and sign in. Select a recurring session in the control panel.

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Next, you’ll create a name for the recurring blocking session (you can even call it “gambling distraction”), as well as specify the start and end time when you want the blocking to kick in:

In the example above, the recurring block is set to weekdays only. If you are serious about avoiding gambling sites, you can check daily.

Once you set up the time, you can choose which websites you want to block and on which devices to block them.

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

Block lists are simply collections of websites you want to avoid. You can create your own by adding specific sites or choose from pre-made filters.

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To make things even more user-friendly, we recently added category filters. The application of the gambling filter makes it easy to block several of the most popular sites that fall into the gambling category.

When creating a banlist, simply click the plus button next to the gambling category of your choice.

Launch the app, sign in, then select the Sessions tab at the bottom of the screen:

Select Define Session and you will be taken to a menu where you can name the recurring session and specify the start and end time of the session.

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Now it’s time to select the days you want to repeat the blocking session. Just check stock for any day you want.

Recurring block sessions start automatically once set up. The app gives users multiple ways to revoke it: close the desktop app or remove the locked device from the dashboard (works on both desktop and iOS devices).

We want to give our users as much flexibility and ownership as possible when browsing the web. For some it is enough to run to the block during the replay to change their mind and return to work.

Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

Lockdown mode prevents you from ending a lockout session, deleting your blocklists, or accessing blocked devices during a session. Whenever you feel a strong enough urge to unlock, just turn on Lock Mode to force yourself to stick to the program.

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We are not healthcare professionals. With this in mind, we believe that using our software to change your environment is a great first step in avoiding the devastating effects of online gambling addiction.

Here are some great resources to explore that go beyond the behavior itself to help you fully understand the roots of addiction and how to overcome it:

Yes, overcoming this challenge takes time and determination. Understanding the psychological triggers of the problem while empowering yourself with the latest behavioral change tools will increase your chances of success.

The app can help. With features like frequent blocking sessions and blocking mode, you can raise awareness of unconscious addictive behaviors – and put another hurdle between you and dangerous gambling sites.

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Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

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Comeon!: The Best Online Casino For Indian Players Who Love Gaming And Winning

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