Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India – The Sweeping Star, a flying pony bought by breed enthusiasts for a record Rs 41.5 lakh, seems to have changed the fortunes of the horse industry in India. The deal resets racehorse prices to higher levels and boosts sales.

UBAI: There’s nothing better than a “flying” pony in a race. Sepia with black tails and tails, “light pink” purebreds are rarely paid for their shiny coat. They are bought at a premium only if horse experts see the potential for winning or breeding.

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

Why veteran trainer Syed Sayeed Shah chose a two-year-old flying pony, “Sweeping Star,” from an auction catalog of more than 140 horses will never be known. No one knows why Chapaklal Zaveri, a Ubai businessman and enthusiast of the breed, considered on the recommendation of the Shah and signed a check for Rs 41,500,000 for the purchase of the sepia. But Zaveri wrote a lucrative check.

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“SS coach Shah has won the most prestigious race – the Indian Derby – three draws, two of which were in consecutive years. We both have a great relationship in a single year. long time… he trains horses and buys horses only after consulting Zaveri.

“When ‘Sweeping Star’ entered the auction, there were seven bidders… after a tie, there were only two bidders. The horse was purchased in a consortium,” he added.

Sweeping Star’s record price has given impetus to the ailing livestock industry. This deal resets the purebred price to a higher level and also increases the number of sales.

The RWITC (Royal Western India Turf Club) horse auction, to be held in ubai this February, has registered to sell 34 horses worth Rs 5.7 crore in total transaction value. The average price of horses sold at the auction was Rs 16.75 lakh – up from Rs 12.3 lakh and Rs 10.9 lakh in 2019 and 2018 respectively. Fourteen horses were sold for in excess of Rs 20 lakh each, reveals data sourced from RWITC.

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“The attraction is strong at the end… There is considerable demand for horses with a high pedigree,” said Vivek Jain, former president of RWITC.

Indian horse breeders (anyone who is a horse owner) have faced a headwind because of “a lot of ponies” – starting in 2014. The prices of the foals have dropped from 40 to 50% in 2015 and 2016. nationwide. The cost of raising a purebred (up to two years, when it can be sold) is around Rs 7 lakh; In the remaining years, many breeders are forced to sell their foals at a loss (the sale price is lower than the price paid by the breeder to breed the horse).

Between 2010 and 2013, Indian breeders bred nearly 700 ares to produce “better quality” foals. His eagerness to improve the breed has resulted in nearly 2,000 ponies being born each year. Courses of the Indian breed are equipped to accommodate no more than 1,250 babies per year; Anything above means that a large number of ponies were born that were not sold to breeders. Since then, an oversupply of stallions each year in a row has put pressure on horse prices.

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

“We found they were reeling from overcapacity… It took more than six years and the closure of many id and sall stalls to get us here,” said Haryana stud owner. said.

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Breeders (anyone who is an owner) make money by selling horses or winning matches in top races. A third revenue stream provides “stowage service” – in which owners of raised stallions provide a fee-based feeding service.

“The year’s supply has fallen and this will likely support prices… But the industry is still in recession. GST is killing the industry,” said Ravi Reddy, president of Nanoli Stud Far.

Currently, GST is hit at a rate of 28% of the total bet value. Lawn clubs around the country have been lobbying the governor to reduce the GST to 18% – paying only for the coin or service fee the club withholds.

“Races exist because of betting… if people don’t participate, why do they go to races?” Reddy joke.

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Reddy adds: “The reduction in race presence is taking a toll on ranchers… No one wants to buy horses to run in all-mineral races. There’s no incentive to own a horse. horse owners improve their herd”.

This makes the “Sweeping Star” deal important to everyone in the racing world. They see it as a sign of good relationships ahead. Will flying colt sprint as fast as money in a buyer’s wallet? Only the tie will speak.

Vedanta Looks Likely to Raise $1 Billion for Credit Fund IT Hardware Cos Flag Terms of Investment by PLIDIA to Help Add Cool Quotient to Benetton In September 1874, in the panhandle of Texas, the great Comanche equestrian empire has come to a bad and painful end. This event heralded profound changes in the Great Plains, because the Comanche were one of the first and most successful tribes to breed horses after it reached the Spanish conquistadors. They have become skilled, adept, ferocious, and even adept as equestrian warriors, terrorizing their Indian neighbors, carrying out ferocious attacks to thwart the battle. wave of white settlers and buffalo slaughter, and eventually outwitted the US military. And then, on September 28, 1874, the greatest remains of the Comanche warriors (along with some allies Kiowa and Cheyenne) were captured, along with their fellow men, along with their families. , in a defenseless barracks in a place called Palo Duro Canyon.

Get Exclusive Access To Indian Horse Racing Markets With Racebets India

The attack was carried out by the Fourth Cavalry under the command of Col. Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, serving in Fort Concho, West Texas. After surprising Comanches and the others and driving them out of their camp, Mackenzie’s men burned the tips, destroyed the food and blankets they had accumulated, and regrouped in the canyon with more than one Thousands of horses were captured. The Indians ran away on foot. Mackenzie marched to his camp, 20 miles away, and there, the next day, he ordered all the horses, except for a few hundred specially ordered, guns. According to S. C. Gwynne’s book on the Comanches, Empire of the Summer Moon, “The infantry tied up the frenzied horses and led them into firing squads.” “The result was a huge pile of dead horses” – 1,048, the filing said. There they rotted, and their bones bleached for years, “a grotesque monument marking the end of the horse tribes’ dominion over the plains.” Some remnants of the Comanche, led by the great war leader Quanah Parker, marched 200 miles east to Fort Sill, then Indian Territory, and surrendered.

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Nearly a century and a half later, a Comanche historian named Towana Spivey, a native of Chickasaw, sat in the backyard of his home in Duncan, Oklahoma, and told me these events. With the killing of horses, he said, “the backbone of the resistance” was broken. All their buffalo clothes, all their food, survival tools, transport, war and movement – were gone. Quanah himself is being detained. “It was a blow to the Comanches.”

That’s the famous Palo Duro story, but as Spivey explains, the reality is worse. “We’ve heard about this massive murder and its impact on Palo Duro Canyon,” Spivey said. What we didn’t hear, he added, was that in June 1875 the Army assembled another 6,000 to 7,000 Comanche horses at Fort Sill. Colonel Mackenzie was currently the commander there, and on the instructions of General Philip Sheridan, on the grounds that these animals were too expensive to keep and too precious to release, he also ordered them to be killed. His men took the horses to a place called Mackenzie Hill and opened fire, with Springfield’s single-shot rifle, Sharps rifle, and Spencer’s seven-shot repeater. “Shooting one horse after another has become a big deal,” says Spivey. It’s wasteful, clumsy, absurd. Finally, to save labor and ammunition, an auction was held. Comanche ponies went to white auctioneers. When that didn’t completely clear the corrals, the shooting resumed.

The two massacres in 1874 and 1875, which crushed the Comanche resistance, did not end the Native American horse history. They are just the end of the beginning. Other tribes rose up. From the southern plains, this new animal, this new technology, this new way of hunting, fighting and traveling, spread northward, from the Comanche, the Jumanu, the Apache and the Navajo to the humans. Pawnee, Cheyenne, Lakota, Crow, and more. Not every tribe fully accepts it. The Mandans traded horses through their farming villages in upper Missouri, but never began a life of horseback. Is that why the Mandans were almost wiped out by smallpox, a disease that ravaged sedentary communities more than nomads? Some historians think so.

The horses opened up new possibilities. They allow men to hunt buffalo more efficiently

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