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Join The Fun And Win Big At Pinnacle Casino – The UNC field hockey team celebrates their victory against Northwestern in the NCAA Field Hockey Championship on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, in Storrs, Conn. UNC beat Northwestern 2-1.

During 2022, several North Carolina athletic programs achieved national championships, reaching the pinnacle of their respective sports.

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Join The Fun And Win Big At Pinnacle Casino

As the No. 1 seed, the Tar Heels earned a first-round bye and advanced to the second round of the tournament with a 24-2 win over Virginia. After a close game against No. 8 Stony Brook, UNC had a semifinals shutout against the No. 4 Northwestern Wildcats. With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, UNC trailed 14-7.

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But thanks to the heroics of graduated forward Sam Geiersbach, the Tar Heels pulled through. Geiersbach tallied five goals in just over four minutes — the Tar Heels’ nine-goal performance in the final quarter — to propel UNC to the championship game.

After the semifinal victory, the Tar Heels faced the team that eliminated them from the 2021 NCAA Tournament, the Boston College Eagles.

After a strong start, fifth-year forward Scottie Rose Growney helped the Tar Heels take a narrow 12-10 lead with less than three minutes left in the title game. Despite a late push by the Eagles, UNC clinched the national championship with a 12-11 record.

Led by head coach Jenny Levy, the win marked the third title in program history, all coming in the last 10 championships.

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UNC entered the NCAA Tournament with a perfect 17-0 record. After dominating the first two rounds of the tournament, North Carolina faced Penn State. The Tar Heels answered this challenge with a 3-0 victory.

In the national tournament, UNC played against Northwestern, a team they eliminated in the first round last season.

The national championship was arguably one of the Tar Heel’s toughest rivalries. After a scoreless first quarter, UNC was the first to score in the game on a deflection off the stick of freshman forward Ryleigh Heck to make it a 1-0 game.

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Entering the fourth quarter, the Tar Heels held a one-point lead and held the Wildcats scoreless. With just two minutes remaining, Northwestern tied the game at 1-1. Despite the fast ticking clock, UNC did not give up.

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Less than 40 seconds after the Wildcats’ goal, senior forward Erin Matson found an opening, drilling the ball past Northwestern’s goalie for the title.

The Tar Heels celebrated by storming the field and lifting coach Karen Shelton in the air. The team’s national title marks UNC’s 10th NCAA national championship, all won during Shelton’s tenure.

This year, both the UNC men’s (Darkside) and women’s (Pleiades) ultimate frisbee teams won their second consecutive national championships at the USA Ultimate D-I College Championships in late May.

The women’s team went swimming. 1. The Pleiades continued their success in the quarterfinals and semifinals with wins over No. 6 British Columbia and No. 4 UC-Santa Barbara, and in the championship game, the Pleiades emerged victorious with a final score of 12-11. 2 Colorado.

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The Darkside got its revenge against Brown University, ending UNC’s hopes of winning in 2019. No. 3 UNC was able to hold off the top-seeded Bruins as the Darkside won 15-10 to claim the title.

In February, No. 2 UNC tennis had a matchup against No. 8 Oklahoma in the finals of the ITA National Team Indoor Championship. After dropping sets in singles matches, the Tar Heels emerged victorious as they captured their fourth national title in the last five years.

That fall, young Fiona Crawley continued her success. She had one of the best fall performances women’s tennis has ever seen, finishing with a 17-0 singles record. Her two ITA titles – the ITA Pan American Championships and the ITA Fall National Championships – ensure that Crawley is the first woman since 2016 to win both ITA fall singles events.

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Promote independent student-led journalism by becoming a member of the Start the Presses Association! Members enjoy exclusive DTH benefits. Welcome to Castle Jam! First of all, we want to thank you for showing up and we really look forward to a fun and action packed day of paintball with you! Please take a minute to read these rules to limit confusion in the field.

Castle Jam is played over three 90-minute periods. 3 Each time your team will do 1 of the following;

Points are only scored against your team when you are on the defensive. As in golf, the lowest score wins. A point is scored when the attackers breach the castle walls and hit one of the 2 buzzers without damage.

– After deletion you must return to your spawn point (the back grid where you started the Period), tag and delete old achievements before re-entering the game.

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– Attackers can leave the field at any time (food/drink, painting, air, etc.), remember to tag your chosen Spawn before re-entering the game. We reserve the right to re-crow before returning to play.

When a point is scored, a horn will sound to stop the game. There is a 5 minute reset. All attackers on both sides must report to their Spawn to reset the game. The field is alive on reset, and the glasses must be on at all times!

The last 15 minutes of each period will have the “Purge Siren” playing. After this point all regenerations/entries are terminated. All players sent off during this period must leave the field after being hit and will be out for the rest of the period.

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* All Field Entrances will be locked at this time to allow players to EXIT ONLY. *If you want to play the last 15 minutes, make sure you’re on the pitch before the sirens go off*

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Buzzers are not valid at this time. The two attacking teams must work together to completely wipe out the defending team. Only if 100% of the defensive players are sent off will a final point be scored.

Air stations with 4500 and 3000 psi refills are inside the Castle (Above the Dead Center) Defenders use a Kill Box to regenerate.

Killbox: It is a 40-meter killbox in the center of the castle. Killbox has 25 players rotating at once in a continuous line. When a dead player goes in, another one comes out. You will see yellow circles on the ground. These represent your order according to Respawn. If a point is scored the horn sounds and the Killbox is emptied for a Full Reset.

An 8′ x 8′ x 40′ tunnel was constructed to allow the Defenders to safely travel to and from the Castle.

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The last 15 minutes of each period will have the “Purge Siren” playing. The Killing Box is emptied, At this point all regenerations end. All players sent off during this period must leave the field after being hit and will be out for the rest of the period.

During this period the buzzers do not work. The Defending Team must hold off the Attackers with the goal of Total Defensive Elimination to win the last and final point.

Player Card- This is an event card issued to each player registered for the event. Each card has Chrono Punches that must be punched before playing. You must crown your marker at 280 fps or less and have a judge punch your card before you can start your day. Each playing card also contains a set of 2 Ref Punches. If you do not follow event and/or field rules, use offensive language, display bad behavior on the field, or cause problems with event staff, you will receive a Ref Punch. Two punches and you’ll be removed from the event without a refund. Player tickets are considered admission to the event. Always keep your game card handy while playing Castle Jam!

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Arms – It is MANDATORY to show which side you are on. Arms must be placed and visible at all times.

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Goggles/Masks – Required at all times on the field of play. It is not safe to remove the mask in the Castle, Kill Box, Tunnel or anywhere else on the playing field.

Barrel Socks – Your barrel must be covered at all times before leaving the field. Failure to have socks/blankets on through the safe area will result in a Ref Punch. Players entering the field are considered dead players until they reach the designated spawn point, leave your barrel socks until they reach the host. This shows the opponents you are not playing.

Attacker Insertion/Removal Point Locations-  Each side of the attackers (Front/Rear) has an insertion point. The back edge of a grid on your side. No change of sides or transition to the other side of the Castle. Once removed you must return fully to your base,

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