Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site – The ban comes after the MHA ordered MeitY to block access to 232 betting and digital loan apps with links to China.

Stepping up its digital surgical strike against China, India has now launched a new ban in the country targeting 138 offshore betting platforms.

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

In an order issued on February 5, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHO) directed the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to ban 232 apps originating from or having links to China. It includes 138 betting apps and 94 online betting apps

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Sources said that the apps in question violate Section 69 of the IT Act. In addition, senior officials of the ministry believe that these apps contain content, which allegedly poses a threat to the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

Another point of government’s discussion on this issue is that these lending apps are driving Indians into debt and charging Indian consumers exorbitant interest rates.

The ban comes amid growing clamor among citizens and consumers to crack down on digital loan apps for allegedly harassing borrowers. The situation is complicated by the presence of Chinese entities and citizens operating such platforms.

A crackdown on such apps over the past year has revealed that many of these Chinese lending apps control users’ phones and send sensitive information to digital lenders. In many cases, it has been revealed that many such apps blackmail people with morphed images claiming to collect debts.

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These platforms have put many people in debt trap As a result, youth and adults have died by suicide in the last few years. While the government has ordered Google to ban such apps from the marketplace, efforts have yielded little results so far.

Surprisingly, the websites of homegrown lending players like Process-backed Payer Lazy Pay and Kist have been blocked in the country, though their apps can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

On the other hand, betting apps are also in the news for all the wrong reasons Many such platforms lure users with high returns and then trap them in heavy payment cycles but no one wins.

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

Cases have also come to light where several Chinese nationals are accused of running multiple companies with the help of Indians. Many such platforms have also used the proceeds from these fake apps to launder money and send it across borders

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These betting websites operate without any supervision and are located outside India, making it difficult to prosecute these companies in a legal case.

Many of these betting platforms operate in the name of sports blogs and use surrogate methods to attract users.

The Indian government has ordered search giant Google to stop displaying all types of advertisements from foreign online betting companies. Earlier, the central government had also asked broadcasters and video streaming services not to advertise online betting.

The move comes nearly a year after China banned 54 apps originating from or with Chinese connections.

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The app ban saga began in 2020 when the Center first banned 59 apps in June that year. Big names were affected, including short video platform TikTok, file sharing app Shareit, and UC Browser, among other popular apps.

In between, multiple restrictions were imposed, affecting 320 Chinese apps Counting the current 232 apps, the total number now stands at 552

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Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

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Expressions like ‘tiki-taka’, ‘nuts’ and ‘bus park’ are now easily understood by fans around the world, with coins bearing the mark of their creators. Here are five of them

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Rabona may seem like a show-off move but it has been used with deadly effect He has the ability to completely mislead the defender It is a way of kicking the ball in which the kicking leg is almost wrapped around the standing leg. Although there is no consensus as to who first used this trick, it is believed that the first Robona was performed by Argentina’s Ricardo Infante during a club-level match in 1948. Argentinian magazine because the name stuck

Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

Infante posted a picture of himself scoring a goal and captioned it: Infante playing hooky. Rabona in Spanish means playing hooky or playing truant

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Tranello Group of Companies incorporated under Cyprus law, this online casino offers authentic, reliable and fast payouts.

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Join The Fun At Rabona India: The Best Casino Site

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