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Shilpa Sodhani

This is the best coaching center ever . It schedules regular tests and also helps us to improve ourselves every moment and also motivates us every time. Ujjwal sir is the best mentor , supporter and motivator.

Geetika Garg

Ujjwal sir is the best maths teacher and a great motivator. He really inspires me to get full marks and his energy during the class is remarkable.

Navya Gupta

Ujjwal sir is really supportive and guides us so well!; Not only about exams but also about life. He always motivates us to become successful in life. His hardwork really shows! Ujjwal sir really helps us throughout the year. Really appreciate that.

Vinita Chhabra

The way Ujjwal Sir teaches is sooo amazing!! The difficulty level of any question just seems so much smaller in front of the simplicity yet systematic and organized way. I believe that the repeatability of a task as difficult as teaching children of classes 9 and 10 with such ease is commendable.

Jasnoor Teja

I enjoy studying here as sir always motivate us so that we succeed.The classes are informative,we get extra information about exams and surrounding.

Armaan Wadhera

Ujjwal sir is a great teacher he always inspires me to do my best and give my 100% in every subject .
Superpremium batch -10th

Sanya Mehta

The way Ujjwal sir teaches is the ‘BEST’..sir ur perfection always makes you different from others.U always inspired+motivated us Sanya mehta

Parth Sarthi Chandna

When I joined Ujjwal Sir for my journey of Mathematics I realised that Maths is so much fun and its has became more fascinating. He’s the always best.

Mollie Garg

You are great teacher who always motivates me when i doubt myself. Your enthusiastic nature during coaching always gives me energy.

Ananya Dhingra

Sir teaches us so well that I dont Have any doubt and he himself Explains the things 2-3 times and Its amazing to study in his class.
Dl dav model school

Aarzoo Sharma

The thing that is very unique about sir is explaining method and his perfection in everything.Apart from maths he gives us knowledge and motivates us..

Anushka Jain

Sir not only teaches us but also inspires and motivates us . He teaches us many values to remember in our future as well.

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