Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and culminates in two tours: the ATP for men and the WTA for women.

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Over the past 20 years, tennis has been largely dominated by four big names: Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. But as their careers fade away, a new era of stardom is dawning.

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The legalization of single game betting in Canada provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the different ways you can bet on your favorite sports.

From matches to player matches, we’ll walk you through the most popular ways to bet on tennis.

Picking the winner of a match is the most popular way to bet on tennis, partly due to its simplicity.

One player will be marked as a favourite, with a (-) sign next to their name, and the other will be marked as an underdog, with a (+) sign next to their name. Think of this as a money line (ML) bet.

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Let’s take a hypothetical match between Nadal and Djokovic at the French Open as an example. Nadal is known to be the best clay player in the world, which would probably favor him, and the odds could be like this:

In this scenario, Nadal at -150 has a 60% implied chance of winning. This means you would have to wager $150 to win $100. The extra $50 is a commission that the bookmaker takes and is known as the juice.

Sometimes there will be games where the favorite is at -1000 or more to win. At -1000, the book offers an implied 90% chance of winning.

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Ashleigh Barty took first place in the WTA world before retiring at the age of 25. You may often find her a heavy favorite in the early rounds of tournaments.

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Should WTA superstar Iga Swiatek play Claire Liu, the 90th ranked player, you should expect to see odds of -1250 or more for Swiatek to win.

Sports betting sets a number of games they think the favorite will win and you have to decide whether the favorite will reach that amount to win or not. This allows bettors to get even odds for an irregular match.

Take the example of Swiatek and Liu above. Betting Swiatek on the moneyline isn’t worth it, as you have to risk $1,200 to win $100. Liu is also highly unlikely to win, so her ML move is not the play either. The handicap offers a way to bet on Swiatek or Liu with good winnings.

The handicap is usually provided with odds set at -110 apiece. You may see a slight deviation, perhaps -130 odds on one side and +110 on the other, but the odds are generally close to even.

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Using the same Swiatek vs Liu example, the handicap could be set at 6.5, meaning Swiatek should win by 7 games or more. If Swiatek were to win the match 6-2, 6-3, it would mean she defeated Liu in all games, 12-5. With seven points, Swiatek would have covered the game handicap.

If Swiatek wins 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, that would mean a 15-12 aggregate win and Liu would win the handicap bet.

The handicap can change dramatically depending on who is competing, what green is being played on, and who is riding a hot streak.

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

A placed bet allows you to bet more closely on how you think a match will play out. There are betting options for both competitors to win 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 for ATP matches, as well as 2-0 or 2-1 for WTA matches.

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Let’s use a fairly even ATP match to demonstrate how this would work. On the payline, let’s say player X is -130 favorite while player Y is +120 down. Here are their betting odds:

The book assumes that player X has the best chance of winning in straight sets, while player Y’s best chance is forcing a long, difficult game and winning 3-2 (at +430).

If a player has -600 to win in straight sets and you’re sure he will demolish his opponent, it might be a good idea to bet him to win in straight sets, where you might find better value.

There are many ways to bet on totals in tennis, from single sets to total draws. This is also referred to as over/under or O/U. Usually, both the over and under will be called at odds of -110.

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The most common O/U to bet on are total games, where you bet on how long the game will last. Suppose the O/U for total matches in a WTA match is set to 20.5.

If the match ends 6-0, 4-6, 6-2, then the total number of games is 24 and he would win the over. If the game finished 6-2, 6-0, the total would be 14 and underpay.

Each tournament consists of dozens of matches, but the ultimate goal of each player is to win the event.

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Choosing the overall winner allows bettors to decide who will win the event, whether the bet is placed before or during the tournament.

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Let’s say you’re picking the overall winner before the tournament starts. The higher seeds will likely have the best odds. For the ATP, this could include players like Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev. In the WTA you may see players like Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka.

As you move down the leaderboard, higher odds will appear for players who are considered less likely to win the tournament. For example, Felix Auger-Aliassime could be set to +15000 to win a high level event before it starts.

These odds change depending on who is left in the tournament. If Auger-Aliassime reaches the round of 32, his odds could rise to around +3000.

When Bianca Andreescu won the US Open in 2019, her live odds for the tournament were pegged at +1400, according to SB Nation. This means that a $100 bet would have yielded a profit of $1,400.

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Tennis has a strong prop market. Within each game, there are hundreds of prop betting options, usually divided into props and props.

Player props are represented for a particular contestant and are often presented in an over/under or yes/no format. Let’s use Denis Shapovalov as an example:

There are many other props to choose from, so look carefully when deciding what to put on.

Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

Live betting is a way to bet on a game while it’s in progress. This could present an opportunity to back up the favorite for a game that has moved on to the underdog.

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Let’s say Leylah Fernandez was -200 to win the game before it started. If she were to lose the first set, the odds of winning could go up to something like +200 in the live market. With this change, the return on a $100 bet would go from $50 to $200 after just one set.

Live betting set winners are also common. Odds fluctuate significantly from spot to spot when betting live. For example, if one player breaks another player’s serve, you will see his live odds drop.

To build a parlay, combine two or more picks (also called legs) into one bet. You can combine multiple markets into one game, mix winners, spreads, props and more.

When you play, you take a higher risk than when placing individual bets, this is because each leg must win for your participation to be successful. So, if you have a five-legged parlay and only four money legs, you lose.

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The combined odds for this particular ride would be +1665, potentially turning a $100 bet into a $1,665 profit.

Avery Perri writes about sports betting for NorthStar Bets. NorthStar Bets is owned by NordStar Capital, which also owns Torstar, the parent company of Stjörnun. Follow him on Twitter: @AveryPerri

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Bet On Tennis, Basketball, And More At Betmaster Sports India

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Are Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas destined for the Australian Open final? First, four men and four women will compete in the semi-final starting Thursday, January 26 (26.1.2023).

The semifinals begin at 3:30 ET and will be televised on ESPN. It can be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial), ESPN+ and other live TV streaming services. Additional replays and coverage can be found on the Tennis Channel.


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