Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India – The most common and only real comparison made between two great footballers from different eras is that of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Both are Argentina’s short left-footed No. 10 players with the best dribbling ability in the history of the game. Combining his height with incredible strength and pace, along with extremely tight control, he beat a defender with speed that no one could match.

And there was an eerie parallel to Macy’s early days: Messi made his international debut in 2005 against Hungary, the same match Maradona first faced. In 2007, Messi scored a goal similar to Maradona’s ‘Goal of the Century’ against Getafe, and a few months later against Espanyol with Diego’s famous ‘Hand of God’.

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

However, the career gap between the two players has widened since then. Messi has played one football so far with his club he has spent more than 20 years and Maradona has represented six of his seven different spells. At just 33 years old, Leo has already scored more than twice as many career goals as Maradona and has appeared in more than 200 senior matches, Messi has scored more than 30 goals in his 13th consecutive season with the club. And Maradona is the only time in Europe he has scored more than 20 goals. Messi has won his 35 major honors in his football for the club so far, surpassing Diego’s nine wins. Maradona has won his cup at the World Cup, but Messi has never won a senior international trophy, and Messi has more than 50 caps for him in Argentina, combined he more than doubles I am scoring a goal. ,

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Simply put, they have had very different careers and led very different lifestyles: Maradona and Ronaldinho, another footballer of the 21st century who also wore the number 10 shirt for Barcelona. I think there are great similarities between

Both Maradona and Ronaldinho spent ten seasons in Europe, three in European clubs and two in the first European club. He played the best and most consistent football of his career so far, reaching the highest level for the second European club. Here, both men won his five major honours, including two league titles and a European trophy. Maradona played 52 more games at Napoli and at Barcelona he scored 21 more goals than Ronaldinho.

Both won the FIFA World Cup with a 2-0 victory over Belgium in the knockout stage, a 2-1 victory over England in the quarter-finals and a victory over Germany in the final. Both scored the most memorable goals of the tournament in the quarter-finals, much to the embarrassment of England’s goalkeepers.

Club trophies won: Maradona 9, Ronaldinho 12. Number of clubs: Maradona 6 (7 appearances), Ronaldinho 8. International caps: Maradona 91, Ronaldinho 97. International goals: Maradona 34, Ronaldinho 33. International competitions: Maradona 46, Ronaldinho 52. Goals in international competitions: Maradona 17, Ronaldinho 17. European club goals: Maradona 160, Ronaldinho 145. Senior goals total: Maradona 345, Ronaldinho 299. Free-kicks taken: Maradona his 62nd, Ronaldinho his 66th.

Finn Valley 03 05 2018 By River Media Newspapers

Maradona was a classic number 10, a creative playmaker who played a free role as an attacking midfielder or second striker. Although his game was known for his dribbling, his interception was very difficult due to his low center of gravity, stocky body, acceleration, quick feet, close control, agility and his ability to change direction quickly. was difficult. Despite solid goalscoring returns, Maradona’s games weren’t just about scoring goals and scoring individual runs, his vision, passing and creativity also made him a formidable team player.

Ronaldinho can also function as a number 10, playing a central role at will as an attacking midfielder, but can be placed on either flank and have a devastating effect. Ronaldinho was a very effective playmaker because, like Maradona, he had great vision and creativity and good cross ability.

He was also a world-class dribbler whose athleticism, balance, control over the ball, and quick pace and acceleration enabled him to beat his opponents. He was one of the most effective players in his one-on-one, very difficult to deal with players with trickery, clever maneuvers, evasions, nutmeg, and sheer unpredictability. Ronaldinho was also known for his technical skills, temperament, creativity and touch.

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

Maradona and Ronaldinho are the most accomplished players to reach the top of the game. He was the best freestyle football player in the world. Maradona was one of Ronaldinho’s idols as a child, and it’s easy to see why. Only Ronaldinho could cast a similar spell on the ball and Diego looked pretty much like it, manipulating the ball in some way.

Skysports Football Championship_5881975.jpg

Maradona grabbed the ball like an artist, whether slicing with his shoulders, head, heels, or like other players naturally do with their feet. Not just footballs, his feet could be his balls of golf, his rolled up socks, anything that looked like the football he played.

Maradona and Ronaldinho are two of his players who don’t need to meet to enjoy the game. Just throw the ball. This is evidenced by the famous video of Maradona warming up before the UEFA Cup semi-final against Bayern Munich, set to ‘Life is Life’ by Opus. As he prepares for the game and waits for his teammates to arrive, Diego plays with an incredible rhythm.

This sense of rhythm and fun never leaves Diego once the game begins, and the usual Rabona and Roulette (known as Maradona his Twist as he perfected it) add to the entertainment for all present. I was.

This is where I think his game is more like Ronaldinho than Messi.Lionel is great to look at, but he only applies his skills when absolutely necessary and is far from engaging. But for Ronaldinho, skill has always felt essential. Nolook His passing, Emerald and Elastico (also known as ‘Gaucho’ due to Ronaldinho’s mastery of skills) were all regular features for Ronaldinho’s Arsenal.

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Like Maradona, Ronaldinho was always worth watching before the game started. And during training, he was able to stop just sitting on the sidelines as his teammates stopped at the track and demonstrated his skills. An example of Ronaldinho’s ridiculous skill level above anyone else was when he and several other top pros of his took on the ‘Blindfold Keep Him Up Challenge’. Benzema 5, Lewandowski 7, Xavi 8 and Ronaldinho scored his 44th.

It’s probably a strange thing to say to a player who is considered the greatest player of all time and is considered by most to be in his top three all-time list, but Maradona could have done a lot more in football. is. All he can do is score just 15 league goals since age 30 due to injuries from some horrendous fouls, lack of motivation, drug addiction, weight gain, a lifestyle that has led to crash diets, and two drug bans. Restricted by having played.Birthday.

At the same time, it shows how great a career Ronaldinho had as the only player to win the World Cup, Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Ballon d’Or (two La Liga and his two FIFA Not to mention the World Cup). .Player of the Year Award) is viewed by many as the player who could have been better. A lack of dedication and discipline, combined with his hedonistic lifestyle off the pitch, resulted in Ronaldinho’s physical decline faster than it should have been. However, it would be unfair to boil down his entire career to just his years at Barcelona (a short period of intense dedication to becoming the best player in the world) and ignore everything else. I think. Following this, AC he put in a superb performance at Milan, Flamengo and Atlético in his Mineiro, thrilling the supporters with the quality.

Rabona: Where Luck Meets Skill In India

Maradona was in many ways an individualist. For example, he had his own fitness his coach and his own doctor and never used the doctors hired by clubs or national teams, but he was also a team his player. Technically his leader, he was loved by his teammates. Because he took all the pressure and attention off his shoulders and let the team go out and play without a burden. One of the best examples of the deep respect that Maradona’s teammates had for him was in a clip of him dressing Napoli after winning the historic first Scudetto in 1987. “. , Do you know why my heart is pounding? I have seen Maradona!

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In another sense, Ronaldinho was also a good team player. Ronaldinho was in his prime when he was 16

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