Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino. – Members of the Lafayette community cheered on the Leopards at several events throughout the week as they prepared for the 158th Rivalry Game against the Lehigh Mountain Hawks Twitter

The Lafayette-Lehigh football game is the most played college football game in the United States. This year marks the 158th time the Lafayette Leopards have played against “the other team.” As the Lafayette community gathers during Rivalry Week, there are many activities for faculty, staff, and students to celebrate all of Lafayette. After all, the leopard is worse than the hawk and who does not like maroon color?

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

Lafayette student-athletes visited two area organizations on Nov. 13: Gracedale Nursing Home and Children’s Home of Easton. Students create posters and artwork in preparation for Antibiotic Awareness Week with Gracedale residents. Easton Children’s Home residents enjoy playing basketball, soccer and pool with Lafayette student-athletes. There were smiles all around as the children received Lafayette brand gloves and shirts. See photos from the visit to Gracedale.

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Lafayette student athletes stand in front of Gracedale Nursing Home on Nov. 13 before making crafts with residents.

Tournament week began with the lighting of Pardee Hall in pink and white lights. Members of the football team were on hand to hand out hot cocoa to attendees.

Great creativity was on display as students gathered in the Farinon College Center from 6 to 9 p.m. Create a contest theme banner. With the help of the facility, the banner was displayed on campus on Tuesday, November 15th. See photos from the event.

Many students stopped by the Quad on Tuesday to participate in the annual Student Action Against Cancer (SMAC) car event sponsored by the Lafayette Activities Forum (LAF). Members of the Lafayette Pep Band were on hand to cheer on the students as they destroyed all the cars for fun and for a good cause. LAF contributes $1 for every t-shirt sold to a canned food drive held in conjunction with Lehigh University. See the picture.

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Students participated in the annual SMAC the Car event during Rivalry Week. A portion of the funds raised support the Food Drive contest held with Lehigh University.

Students gathered around a bonfire at Schwartz Schoor Plaza Wednesday evening for snacks and refreshments to celebrate the upcoming 158th Rivalry Game.

There are food trucks, giveaways and activities for students to park and cheer on members of the football, cheer, and dance teams as they practice for the big game. See the picture.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

A presentation and discussion about electric flight was held at the Braden Airport in Forks Twp., where the electric plane rests before flying over Fisher Stadium on Saturday. Participants learn about airplanes and can get examples of airplanes in the air. Read more about Remy Oktay ’24 and this initiative.

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Remy Oktay ’24 will fly an electric plane over Fisher Stadium during the Rivalry game, believed to be the first electric plane flyover in sports.

Students stopped at the Farinon College Center Snack Bar for “cakes” or Whoopie pies as well as personalized toys. See the picture.

Faculty, staff, students and community members toured the new center ahead of a dedication ceremony scheduled for Saturday. See photos from the event.

Faculty, staff, students and community members gathered at the Portlock Black Cultural Center on Friday evening for an open house and community celebration.

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Students participated in a discussion focused on homelessness by making blankets for residents of the Safe Harbor Shelter. The event is sponsored by the Lafayette Activities Forum and the MSU sorority.

The tradition returned to the atrium of the Farinon College Center on Friday evening as students tested their knowledge in everyone’s favorite event, TNT Trivia!

Members of the Lafayette community gathered to recognize the center’s history and the donors who made the renovations possible. See the picture.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

President Nicole Hurd (center) is joined by members of the Portlock family and students at a ribbon cutting for the Portlock Black Cultural Center on Nov. 19.

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The Lafayette Gets Electric Rally on the roof of the Markle parking lot offers breakfast powered by electric cars as well as an opportunity to mingle with many of Lafayette’s sustainability clubs at an event hosted by the Dye Center, Lafayette Motor Sports, and the Engineering Department. . Council. Additionally, the Food Truck Rally and Beer Garden on the Quad include music, games and more.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Display organized by College Archives The Rothkopf Reading Room in Skillman Library featured historical artifacts and photographs of the fraternity and sorority life from the Lafayette College Archives.

Take the Roar donation challenge at halftime. More than 2,800 donors contributed $811,974 to support Lafayette students and programs. Sibling relationships are one of the fastest and longest relationships we have – but just trying to explain how a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old both intently play with the same thing at the same time.

While this type of family battle is a headache for parents, studies show that sibling rivalry can actually be beneficial, teaching children skills such as negotiation, compromise, and conflict resolution.

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Helpfully, the same study notes, “If sibling rivalry continues into adulthood, there will be a risk of financial, relationship and caregiving competition, where competition may replace the competition for parental attention that occurred in childhood.”

So, what can parents do to make sure they get the benefits of early conflict resolution, but preserve their child’s relationship—all while maintaining family harmony? (Ha!) There are some things parents can do to manage sibling rivalry.

Your child strives for equal treatment. Donna Housman, Ed.D., founder and CEO of the Housman Institute says “Three things are often at the root of most sibling rivalry: children feel they are getting unequal attention, the level of responsibility and the severity of discipline,” said Donna Housman, Ed.D., founder and CEO of the Housman Institute. If they feel that one child is being singled out for special attention, or if their punishment is harsher than a brother or sister, conflict is expected.

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

But while kids expect to get their fair share, they don’t want to be treated as carbon copies of each other. “All children want to feel special and unique, and as they develop their sense of individuality, they want to be accepted by their parents as more than just interchangeable siblings,” Dr. Housman added. “Most siblings experience some degree of jealousy or competition. How parents deal with this reality is the key to deep and lasting competition.”

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There is no magical age gap that reduces sibling rivalry – and there is no specific age. that it disappeared.

You may have heard parents offer the “common sense” that children born too close together will be especially competitive, or that children born too far apart will incur the wrath of an only-child parent. . .

Although they may be reasonable, these wisdoms are not supported by education. Instead, each family has its own balance caused by the elements of the personality of everyone in it, so there are no general rules. Perri Klass, M.D., F.A.A.P., co-author of Quirky Kids: Understanding and Supporting Your Child “Close-aged siblings can be playmates and friends, or bitter enemies, and often switch those roles,” says Perri Klass, M.D., F.A.A.P., co-author of Quirky Kids: Understanding and Supporting Your Child with Developmental Differences. “And kids who are separated a lot may have a little distance, but there can be resentment.”

It often happens that these matches break up over time. Allyson Holmes-Knight, Ph.D., medical director of Daybreak Health, says, “In general, as adults age, sibling relationships become closer to friendships.” “Each child can develop a unique relationship with each parent and they can appreciate the individuality of themselves and others.”

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But if left untreated, as noted above, anger can lead to adulthood. “The way parents relate to each other, their individual children, their combined children and their siblings will determine how sibling rivalry is created and maintained or dealt with and dismantled,” said LaNail R. Plummer, Ed.D., L.C.P.C., CEO. . of Onyx Therapy Group and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. “Since our adult relationships are often a reflection of our childhood relationships, it is essential that sibling conflicts are resolved immediately by parents, along with tools and expectations for healthy relationships between siblings and the entire family.”

It creates unnecessary competition and makes them feel less unique. Dr. “Don’t use labels when you’re talking about your child,” says Holmes-Knight. “Parents will call their children ‘athletes’ or ‘smart’. Even if you don’t explicitly compare them with labels, you may feed the comparison by praising or criticizing one child over another, or paying clear attention to the child’s needs and interests.

Instead of making them fight each other, try to increase sympathy. Dr. “Encourage your children to wear each other’s shoes,” says Housman. “Say, ‘Remember when Sarah wouldn’t let you use her paint? How did that make you feel?’

Rivalry: Your One-stop-shop For All Things Casino.

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